How to transcribe audio to text - fast

How to transcribe audio to text – fast!

Leverage your audio assets as editable text documents with high-speed, high-accuracy, automated transcription software.

Create professional transcriptions from your audio with Microsoft Word

Looking for an easy way to transcribe audio? Here’s how to turn interviews into fully marked-up transcripts in Microsoft Word.

Transcription examples. Which style works for you?

Choose between verbatim, intelligent, edited and phonetic transcription with these helpful examples and explanations.

What is transcription?

What is transcription? Get answers to 15 essential questions.

Puzzled by transcription and the many ways of transcribing? Here are 15 of the most asked questions along with clear, concise answers.

The best instant translator devices and gadgets

Instant translator devices and gadgets

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Voice simulators

The Best Voice Simulators

AI speech generators use text-to-speech (TTS) technology to read out text in a loud, human-like voice.

Converting speech to text on phone

How to convert a voice recording to text

Converting your voice recordings to text is easy, as a number of speech to text apps and services are readily available on both mobile and d...

Dictating text on phone

How to dictate text

With speech-to-text software, the voice is picked up by a microphone inside someone's device, such as a tablet, computer, or mobile device.

Free speech to text software

Free speech to text software and services

Efficiency is critical to success in the workplace. The faster you get results, the more time you have on your hands to focus on more strate...