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We provide professional translation services, with offices in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark and over 100 employees – and we’re all just a bunch of language-nerds, really. Most of us are trained in professional language and/or translation. This includes CEOs, Key Account Managers, project leaders and of course our translators. This is one of the many reasons we have 2,000 customers who use us on a daily basis as their preferred translation service provider. Language and translation is our passion, and as a bureau our goal is to always provide our customers with the best translation service there is!

When choosing Semantix, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your translation has been quality-assured and will be of a high professional standard. Our customer satisfaction rate of 99.97%, shows that we deliver the best and most affordable translation services there is at the market. Regardless of language combination or subject matter, you will profit from our reliable and well-defined quality control process. We are a translation company certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 17100:2015.

Profession translation agency in London

Semantix is one of the largest translation companies in the Nordic region, and we have more than 50 years of experience with serving professional translation services to the world. We opened our office in the UK in 2017 as an international commitment to get closer to our customers.

Our office in London helps everything from individuals to large corporations with their translation needs. Whether it’s for a large multinational client or an SMB, we only use the most qualified industry translators and we guarantee that we will always be available if you have any queries.


“A translation company near me”?

Semantix has offices in London, but we will be happy to visit you locally anywhere in the UK by appointment. We can help you with your translation needs regardless of where your business is situated. Be it London, Belfast, Manchester, Dublin … anywhere you’re in need of a translation! We can arrange a meeting or demonstration of our products, and we're just a telephone- or e-mail conversation away.


Cost of translation services


We are a translation company dedicated to providing you with the highest standard language solutions at a competitive price. We help our customers with professional translation services within any discipline and with more than 2,000 translators at hand we cover more than 170 languages.


 We are specialists in 

  • certified and legal document translation services,
  • localization and market adaptation,
  • content and marketing translation,
  • transcription and proofreading services,
  • website translation and translation software.


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Experts at website localisation services

At the moment our biggest demand is for website localisation services. Rapid globalisation is providing opportunities for new relationships, growth and communication. Countless surveys have shown that the best way to increase a company's conversion rate is to translate its website or ecommerce platform. We offer professional human translation, where the translator will always be a native speaker of the target language and who reside in the country where the language is spoken.


We also offer translation software that streamlines your continuous work with updating your webpage.

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If you are looking for a professional partner in the translation services, you can call us at  +44 20 3290 8620 or upload your document and obtain a non-commital price quote on translation here

What differentiates us from other translation bureaus?

Few companies have people among their staff with the ability to perform corporate translations, at least not without risking mistakes and misunderstandings. In order to protect your good name and reputation internationally, the translator must not only have a complete mastery of the target language, but also have a profound insight into the subject in question and a comprehensive understanding of the local culture. Therefore it is wise to outsource this key task to Semantix.


Our ambition as a translation agency is to simplify our customers' everyday lives, both through availability and by offering technology that streamlines the translation process. We have access to the appropriate translators, the expertise to help you in all areas, flexibility, availability, speed and quality.


When you do business with us, you are working with a translation company with a strong focus on social responsibility. We have chosen to place a particular emphasis on the areas of human rights, working conditions and the environment. 

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