Industries and text types

Our customers come from a range of industries. This means we have experience helping you to reach out with your communications in other languages, no matter whether it concerns translations of technical documentation, annual reports, marketing materials or medical documents, etc. You can read more about some of the industries and text types in which we can offer you our expertise below.

Reklam och marknadsföring

Advertising and marketing

Ensuring you have good copy even in your translations strengthens your message and your brand’s identity, helping to increase the success of your brand. 



Collaborate with a partner who understands the importance of managing legal translations with caution.

Bank och finans

Banking and finance

Gain access to an extensive network of translators who specialise in banking and finance, translating only into their mother tongue.

Offentlig sektor

Public sector

Benefit from more than 40 years of experience of working on translations for the public sector. 


Medicine and medical technology

Medical translations must be handled with caution given these texts can save lives. Let out translators specialising in medicine help you. 



When you are selling in other markets, everything is about accessibility. That’s why it is important to ensure that your communications are available in the language used by your target audience. 



Let out expert technical translators take care of your technical translations ensuring they are carefully translated using the correct terminology. 



Development is advancing rapidly and more and more systems are being connected to each other. Let us help you to ensure consistency in texts and translations in all your systems.


GDPR translation

An important step in each company's GDPR transition is to ensure that the necessary documents are translated.


Annual reports

Ensure that correct accounting terminology is used and that you have access to experienced translators and flexible delivery schedules.



The procuring body in the country your tender is being submitted will be reading your bid. Give your company the edge by translating the bid into the language used in that country. 


Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) is an automatic translation from one language to another. The benefit of machine translation is that it is possible to translate large swathes of text in a very short time