Can you provide typesetting of translated texts?

For a long time, people sent Word files exported from a layout file for translation. Once the translation was complete, the work of setting the translated text in the existing layout took time and cost money. Could all this work be avoided?

How can you get an InDesign file translated and typeset in several languages?

If you want a complete printed product, with layout, send us the layout file. We will make sure the text is translated and reimported into the existing layout, what we call DTP (desktop publishing).

How much space will the translation take up in the layout?

This varies depending on the language. An English text will be 25% longer than a Swedish one, for example. There are major differences in length when translating between different languages and hyphenation rules vary too, which affects the amount of space required. If you know from the start that your printed product is going to be produced in several languages, it’s best to allow space for at least 25% more text so you won’t end up with a translation that doesn’t fit in the layout.

What does DTP cost per hour?

It varies and depends on the languages involved. Send us your layout file and tell us the languages that you want it translated into, and we will draw up a quote for you.

How do I contact Semantix if I need a text translated with DTP?

Contact us to find out more.  E-mail, phone +46 770-45 74 00 or use the button that suit your needs.