Episerver website language translation API

Translating your company's website is the most cost-effective way of entering a new market, but we know that keeping your website up to date in all its various languages can be a demanding and time-consuming undertaking. That is why we offer our AutoConnect solutions! By using our simple Episerver connector you can translate your website and increase your number of visitors in no time.

Interested? Fill in your information here, and we will contact you. Not sure if you need a plugin to your API? Read on to learn more about the opportunities our translation tool offers.

Translate content with Episerver connector

Episerver is a content management system (CMS); a platform for brands to manage and connect content, ecommerce and digital marketing. Unfortunately, there is no translation add on in Episerver by default, and that’s where we come in! We offer you an easy and functional way to facilitate the creation of a multilingual website.

Our API solution is a website translation connector that is integrated into your Episerver platform. This allows you to send your website for translation – either partially or entirely – directly from Episerver, in just a few simple clicks. With AutoConnect, your CMS is seamlessly integrated into the translation process. The automated process allows you to free up time to focus on your main business. 

Should you create a multilingual Episerver website?

Have you already realised that all global brands have multilingual websites? If you have non-English speaking, international audiences, it is important that your website is available to them in their own languages. A multilingual web site or online store gives businesses a competitive advantage. However, keeping your website up to date in all its various languages yourself can be a demanding undertaking. Luckily, by taking the right measures, you can make your own website multilingual, without spending millions and investing a lot of time. 

With our Episerver translation connector, you can get the exact website your business needs, quickly, simply and on a modest budget. You can keep your content updated in as many languages as you wish, and you’ll have access to all our best translators – just a click away! We offer translation to more than 170 languages.

Why should you invest in a professional translation connector for your CMS?

Are you in need of a translation tool, but not sure if you should invest in a professional API solution? It all comes down to a value assessment: 1. Would you like your visitors to understand your message and what you are selling? 2. Do you want to build a strong brand and be perceived as trustworthy? 

If the answer is yes, then a good translation is essential. There are simple and free website translator widgets you can implement on your page, which allows the visitor an immediate translation. However, such tools are never perfect and would be borderline unprofessional if you have a business website. Surveys show that language errors affect a company’s brand negatively, and you can be interpreted as unreliable. You can never beat a professional human translation. By implementing our Episerver translation add on you will access the best translators in just a few clicks, and simultaneously free up time. 

How does the translation API work for you?

If you already have a multilingual website, you’ll know how tiring and time-consuming the process of translation is. Creating and updating content is a substantial task in itself. If you, on top of that, need to source translators, coordinate, review, correct and eventually copy and paste the amended text into all the language versions on the website, there’s not much time left to focus on your core task: creating that great content. 

If you invest in an API solution for translation, you can stop wasting time on copy and paste, our Episerver connector will do the work for you. Within the Episerver interface you can send your website – either partially or entirely – directly to our translators. When the translation is finished, the files are automatically returned to the designated location in your CMS. Save time and money by letting the professionals do the work for you.

The benefits of using AutoConnect

- A better overview of your translations, including monitoring of translation status in real time

- You don’t need any external programs, the plugin is available within Episerver

- With AutoConnect you’ll get a direct and automatic link between your Episerver and Semantix

- Convenient and cost-effective management

- Streamlined translation flow with flexible management of metadata

- Consistent translations

- Increase productivity and publish more multilingual content

- Increase your ROI (Return on Investment) by freeing up resources and reducing costs

- Avoid errors creeping in with copy and paste, and when executing file transfers and ftp uploads

- Order translations whenever it suits you

- Simple installation and updating procedures

- Access the best translators without order delays


Installation, implementation and support

We are available for our customers. Regardless of whether it regards the implementation of our API solutions/plug-ins, installation and configuration of modules or technical support, we are at your service. 

Regarding support for: Episerver CMS & Episerver Commerce. The plugin is continually updated to the latest version of Episerver and you as a client are in control of the updates.