Translation for the public sector

We have been providing translations for the public sector for more than 40 years. To best meet your translation needs we have built up a team dedicated to working on assignments from organisations, government agencies, and local government at municipal and county level.

Rapid service

Our aim is to always deliver high-quality translations on time. When you have a large project that needs to be translated, we put together a team of project managers and translators to handle your orders quickly and efficiently. And we have the resources it takes even when you need an ultra-rapid response. You are always able to order and monitor your projects in our customer portal.

Expert professional translators

We work with translators and revisers who have great experience of the public sector. They are constantly assessed so you can be assured of their expertise. We also have authorised translators for documents where this is a requirement.

Confidentiality and secure file management

The people who work on your assignments have entered into confidentiality agreements. Your files are handled using encrypted file transfer (SSL) via our customer portal.

Finished layout

Most translations need to be fitted into an existing layout. We can import your text directly into the original format, providing you with a smooth, cost-efficient service. We handle all formats and take responsibility for the whole process every step of the way to print-ready original.

Why choose Semantix?

✔ We have a Satisfied Customer Guarantee.

✔ We are ISO certified. 

✔ We offer translation into every language.

✔ We offer translation of marketing texts – by specialist translators.

✔ We tailor your translations to your target readership.

✔ We offer express delivery.

✔ We offer integration and technological solutions to automate the translation flow.

✔ We translate many different types of marketing and informative texts, including websites.

  • AdWords campaigns
  • Advertising copy
  • brochures
  • film scripts
  • packaging texts
  • manuals
  • campaigns
  • catalogues
  • market research
  • press releases
  • reports
  • annual reports.