Translation of websites and CMS

When selling to other markets, accessibility is key. We already know that exports increase by 25% when a company communicates in the language of its target market. So think about the size of your investment in translation compared to the sales potential in your markets. Semantix has a wealth of experience in translating websites.

What does a website cost to translate?

To answer that question, we need a bit more information from you. It is helpful if you can answer the following questions:

Which content management system does your company use?

We need to know which CMS system your company uses. We have solutions for easily importing and exporting texts for translation of several of the major CMS systems, such as Episerver, Sitecore, AEM, Umbraco, Drupal and WordPress. Whatever system you use, we will find the most time-efficient and cost-effective solution for you.

How can we export the text from the website?

Most companies have their own solution for exporting and importing language versions into and out of a CMS. Talk to your company’s IT managers. This was probably a consideration when choosing a CMS. If you don’t have any tools for this, we have solutions for most of the biggest CMS systems. For other systems, we will be happy to help you find the solution that best suits you and your company. 

Does your company use Episerver?

If so, we have a solution for simple website language management that you can buy directly from us. Semantix AutoConnect for Episerver helps you import and export text with a couple of clicks. Read more here.

How do you optimize the language versions of the website for search engines?

If you don’t already have a list of the company’s agreed and relevant search terms, start by working with the person responsible for search engine optimisation (SEO) at your company to compile a list of search terms. Then ask us to translate the list into the languages you want your website to be translated into. After that, you can ask your SEO manager to check the terms in each language with Google. Now you can send the texts for translation together with the search terms in the relevant languages. Once the translation is done, your website will start to climb the search rankings and give you relevant traffic.

How do I get in touch with Semantix?

Get a free quote or order a translation using the buttons below. You can also give us your details below and we’ll contact you soon and help you to find the most time-efficient and cost-effective solution to translate your company’s website.

We didn’t become the largest language supplier in the Nordic countries by accident. Here are some reasons to pick us.
✔ We have a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
✔ We are ISO certified.
✔ We offer translation into and out of every language.
✔ We handle all file formats such as HTML, XHTML, XML, XLIFF, JSON and Properties etc.
✔ We offer certified translations.
✔ Our translators have signed confidentiality agreements.
✔ We offer express delivery.
✔ We offer integration and technical solutions to automate translation flows.

Our biggest customers for website translations are travel agencies, hotels, small and medium-sized businesses, multinational companies and e-commerce websites.